Craftsman Built Timber Furniture

Neil Turner creates handmade, custom timber tables and outdoor furniture made to last from kiln dried Australian hardwood.

Bespoke, custom-designed timber pieces made just for you

From modern timber patio tables to rustic bush furniture

Hand made and delivered on the Mid North Coast

Natural Timber Tables

Every piece of timber has its own individual colour and grain patterns. We highlight the beauty of natural timber with craftsman designed timber furniture.

Our pieces are made from recycled or plantation timber that is sourced locally. The majority of our timber tables and outdoor settings are built from structural grade, local Blackbutt that has been kiln dried to withstand Australia's varying weather conditions.

We also source and use Camphor Laurel, Pine, Bloodwood, Red Ironbark, and other timber species for special, custom orders.

Turners Tables Port Macquarie

Outdoor Timber Tables

Hardwood timber is the best solution for long lasting, durable outdoor furniture.

Our outdoor tables and timber furniture have a traditional oiled timber finish with Intergrain Nature's Merbau Timber Decking Oil. This penetrating timber finishing oil contains natural Tung oil to prevent cracking and blistering, and provide long lasting UV and weather resistance.

All our furniture is securely made with galvanised bugle batten screws with high corrosion resistance suitable for coastal climates. We've been making quality timber tables in Port Macquarie and the Mid North Coast for almost 30 years and know our tables stand the test of time.

Indoor Timber Furniture

As an option for our custom made indoor furniture, Camphor Laurel has a beautiful natural character that can be highlighted with a natural edge finish.

Our indoor furniture pieces can be finished with food-safe Bondall benchtop oil with natural Tung oil to nourish the timber and provide a waterproof surface.

Outdoor Furniture

Caring For Your Turner's Tables Furniture

As a natural product, timber has its own unique features. No two pieces are exactly the same. Regardless of species, grain, or finish, every piece of furniture will show its own degree of variation in colour and natural movement over time.

Timber does gradually change colour over time with exposure to light and the elements. You will see some maturing of the timber over the first year. After that, your outdoor furniture will have settled into its new environment and variations to colour and grain will lessen.

Beyond these normal variations, your timber table will continue to look great for years to come. Caring for your new timber table will help to maintain its appearance and performance and increase its longevity to make sure your beautiful timber furniture lasts for decades.

Re-Oiling Your Furniture

In the first 12 months, giving your new Turner's Tables timber furniture an extra coat or two of natural decking oil will keep it looking great. After the first year, the timber will be well seasoned and will only need the occasional re-oiling as needed.

A light sand with some 120 grit paper will buff away any roughened grain. Brush over with a clean cloth, and then apply a generous coat of Intergrain Nature's Decking Oil in Merbau. Don't use 'Spray and Wipe' or other caustic cleaners; just wipe over with a damp cloth to clean your table or mop up any spills. 

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